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I'm a developer with a passion for making things better. Sometimes that means undertaking excessive code cleanup activities in a large code base, and other times that means development of tools to bring integration, deployment, and testing into our CI/CD/CT process with a mix of bash, python, and jenkins. While it seems like most of the industry is getting to go off into green fields and play with new languages and technologies, I enjoy learning more about the tools we use and figure out how we can better use them.

My job description would tell you that I am a Java web services developer with five years of experience at an international logistics company via contract through an onsite/offshore model development company. I am interested in programming of application logic wherever that may be. I historically lean more towards backend systems, but I'm currently enjoying studying and tinkering with JavaScript, React, 11ty static site generator, Nunjucks templating, and Markdown.

I question everything I come across that I don't understand or that seems frustrating. This leads me to what can be improved, whether that is my knowledge, my teams' processes, or the applications that we develop. Asking questions helps to understand more deeply often times it through revealing broken assumptions that an entire group holds.

With the pandemic keeping me home so much, I've taken up cycling. I'm still pretty new to it, but I'm really proud of how far I've come since mid August.

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