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As you write more, you realize that you need to improve some things.

I've been working since New Year's trying to write something daily without completing it. As I write ideas come to mind and I'll open a new file to hold the new thought however short it may be. The continuing echo of 'write more' has permeated recently, so I'm surely not the only one.

I just want to discuss bad habits, and maybe we can help one another to be more aware of what we may be doing, similar to saying 'umm' too much when you talk.

  1. I have found that I use the word 'to' constantly; so much so, that I currently have VSCode set to highlight ' to ' and I'm refactoring as many of them away as I can.

  2. My spacing after periods is terribly inconsistent. I learned in school that there should be two, but in recent years I have succumbed to the one that my phone prefers. As a result, I find myself replacing everytime I used two space to be one, just for consistency.

  3. I also find that I tend towards writing very long sentences. I make sure that they are grammatically correct and not just run-ons, but long clauses strung together can lend itself to be more difficult to follow.

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