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  1. New Tools productivity tools discuss watercooler

    New tools can drastically improve your quality of life.

  2. New Job New Tools career watercooler productivity discuss

    It's amazing the differences that a tool set can make.

  3. Be Excitable discuss mentalhealth wellbeing watercooler

    Hobbies and interests make you a better developer and a better person.

  4. I Am Privilieged diversity inclusion community discuss

    Privilege and diversity are quite complex and often times difficult to understand until we can obtain context outside of our own.

  5. Always Be Learning career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    If you aren't geting better then you are getting worse.

  6. The Importance of Community career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    How we perform as a part of a team stems directly from how we interact with any group or community

  7. Wholeness of Life career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    Overall strategy for growth.

  8. Writing Pitfalls blogging writing discuss watercooler

    As you write more, you realize that you need to improve some things.

  9. What Text Editors Do You Use? watercooler discuss tools editor

    However many it may be, what editors do you find helpful in your workflow?

  10. Blogging Goals discuss watercooler blogging writing

    Direction for blogging success

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