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  1. Uncle Bob - Lesson One career codequality cleancode development uncle bob

    My summary of the video.

  2. Who is Uncle Bob career codequality beginners codenewbie uncle bob

    After hearing the name for a while, I decided to learn more about/from Uncle Bob

  3. New Job New Tools career watercooler productivity discuss

    It's amazing the differences that a tool set can make.

  4. What Makes a Good Developer? career development learning programming

    This question comes up a lot.

  5. Productive Mentoring learning career advice leadership

    Both parties in a mentoring relationship should be purposeful in their activity for best results

  6. Carpe Diem career mentalhealth teamwork journey

    Being intentional in your daily activities

  7. Know Your Brand career promotion advancement development

    The first step in brand management is to have a good understanding of what it is.

  8. Agility and Improvement agile productivity career development

    Agile methodologies are really easy to let become strict process instead of dynamic workflow

  9. Always Be Learning career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    If you aren't geting better then you are getting worse.

  10. The Importance of Community career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    How we perform as a part of a team stems directly from how we interact with any group or community

  11. Wholeness of Life career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    Overall strategy for growth.

  12. Discovering My Impostor Syndrome impostorsyndrome mentalhealth career beginners

    Coming to better understanding of my skill level

  13. Getting Started with Stack Overflow stack overflow motivation career beginners

    I finally decided to join the community

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