Adventures in Coding

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  1. Career Advancement career coding learning leadership

    How do you move forward?

  2. What Makes a Good Developer? career development learning programming

    This question comes up a lot.

  3. Productive Mentoring learning career advice leadership

    Both parties in a mentoring relationship should be purposeful in their activity for best results

  4. Always Be Learning career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    If you aren't geting better then you are getting worse.

  5. The Importance of Community career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    How we perform as a part of a team stems directly from how we interact with any group or community

  6. Wholeness of Life career learning discuss mentalhealth life

    Overall strategy for growth.

  7. My Introduction to Jenkins jenkins devops productivity learning

    What I've learned about Jenkins CI/CD in the last six months.

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